City Strings is a Lacrosse Stringing Company based out Chicago Illinois and Denver Colorado. 

Why two cities? 

People ask this question often. We are in two Cities to help grow the game all across the country.  It also helps us get more clients and because we are in two spots instead of one.

We are run by Mason and Tucker. They both love the game of lacrosse. They strive to do their best on and off the field in everything they do. They always make sure that every stick they string is perfect. They have grown the game of lacrosse a ton in the areas where they live. They love it when they see a happy customer. 

Mason is now trying to grow his reputation in the stringing business. He wants to continue to grow in popularity in the stringing business. He loves the sport of lacrosse. He hopes that tons more people will choose him as their stick stringer.

If you have any questions about our company please email us at